New Medicine Partners builds teams around health system transformation projects. We are committed to ‘big picture thinking’; our teams look at health systems as a whole to define priorities and create sustainable, cost-effective and future-proof development strategies.

For Health Systems, our work typically includes scoping assessments, enabling the identification key priorities, challenges and opportunities; the development of a health system strategy and roadmap; and implementation support to connect clients with strategic partners for strategy execution. We draw from a global network of specialists to form the best possible team for each project.


Examples of work we do for clients:

Scoping Assessment

Evaluation of existing assets, infrastructure and capabilities

Comparison to international benchmarks

Mapping of priorities, challenges and opportunities

Development of health system vision and high-level strategy

Establishment of level and type of senior support and funding

System Development

Development of strategy to leverage priorities, challenges and opportunities

Execution planning, creation of roadmap and financials

Identification of key UK partners to support execution

Definition and screening of vendors for elements of infrastructure

Advice on organisation, governance and leadership


Implementation support

Continued professional development

Ongoing advisory support

Ongoing connections and networking with key partners and collaborators