Healthy Longevity in Kazakhstan


New Medicine Partners delivered a 5-year capacity building strategy for the creation of a 'translational engine' in Kazakhstan in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, an international network of academic institutions and commercial organisations. The strategy integrated: national biobanking; clinical trial capabilities; advanced diagnostic laboratories; future-proofed information systems; biological manufacturing capacity and drug repurposing.

In addition to attracting diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics companies targeting major Eurasian markets to Kazakhstan, this 5-year plan was developed to enable economic diversification from extractive industries to more knowledge-intensive sectors. Our team is currently supporting the implementation of this ambitious project, which will accelerate the development and adoption of technologies to realise the nation's commitment to the healthy longevity of the population.

Curing the Incurable in North America


We have experience working with one of North America's leading health systems in a ground-breaking project to ‘cure the incurable’. This work is focused on advancing the commercialisation of breakthrough therapeutics. The systems established streamlined coordination of stakeholder groups, enabling proof-of-concept clinical trials for some of the most advanced tools in gene and stem cell therapy technologies available today.

Connected Health in South East Asia


A rapidly progressing digital, internet-enabled, people-centered frontier will enable novel approaches to creating smarter nations. We are exploring the opportunity to introduce a fully connected health system with a Southeast Asian government, focused on combining public health modelling, existing public health and patient care infrastructure, health data capture and analysis. This project will support proactive behavioural change and timely intervention, with the potential to transform both individual and national health.