We are a solution providers working with health systems around the world. Our mission is to enable people to live healthily for longer by accelerating the development and application of precision medicine technologies.

Precision medicine is about using technology to target healthcare interventions more effectively at both an individual and a population level. This approach integrates a range of tools: prognostics to detect health risks early; digital tools to promote patient empowerment; diagnostics to better characterise health or disease states; and targeted therapeutics and interventions. 

Precision medicine technologies enable more efficient allocation of resources. They will enable health systems to become 'smarter', more streamlined, and ultimately deliver better health outcomes. 


We work closely with national and regional systems to identify and implement the right precision medicine technologies. Our focuses include: addressing key disease burdens; increasing health system efficiency; advancing the healthy lifespan at a population level; and life science industry development.


We create fast-track development and market access strategies for precision medicine technologies within health systems around the world. Our global expertise enables matching of technology solutions with national and regional disease priorities, opportunities for efficiency gains, and availability of skilled individuals for implementation. 


We source the best precision medicine solutions from around the world, assess their readiness for investment and identify the optimum locations for their development. Our goal is a robust portfolio of growth technologies that will lead the transition to precision medicine in many national systems over the next decade, and we support investors seeking to include such technologies within their portfolios.


We collaborate in the development and application of globally applicable precision medicine solutions. Our work is focused on enabling less developed and middle-income nations to leapfrog the problems challenging more developed health systems. We build systems that anticipate disease, intervene early and manage proactively.



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